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What does Zen have to offer me?

That’s a question you rarely hear spoken aloud in Zen circles, though it might have crossed your mind once or twice — at least before beginning your own study, or when someone else asks you about it, or perhaps at some point when you’ve considered dropping it.

It might sound crass and self-centered, but it’s a fair question.  And even if you haven’t asked it out loud, you probably have your own answer(s).  Those answers, no matter how conscious and clear, are shaping your expectations — and your practice itself.  How are they working for you?

Maybe you’d like to ask someone else, but . . .  who you gonna ask?

2-Day Event with Genpo Roshi
Saturday January 15 — Sunday January 16, 2022
11:00 am — 1:00 pm Mountain Time, on Zoom

Open to All

Minimum donation: $100.

For more information about this event, Contact Mary Ellen.

For questions about registration or payment, Contact Bruce, or phone 801.244.4940. 

Praise for a recent workshop with Genpo Roshi

My heart is full of gratitude. What an amazing workshop!
Every moment of it was a gift. All the voices we worked with were powerful. 

You are an incredible teacher. I am so fortunate to be studying with you. 

I feel so close to you and to all the participants that shared their work. 

Thanks to you and your beautiful team.
                                                                                     — M.M.

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