The One-Year Big Mind Zen Program Overview

Big Mind Zen is a 21st century practice dedicated to and for Westerners who wish to go to the depths of Zen realization and actualization.  It integrates traditional Zen training, including elements of Soto and Rinzai Zen as well as Vajrayana, and the Big Mind process, in a time when we are realizing more deeply than ever the uncertainty of life and the importance of having a real sitting practice along with a greater appreciation of life and the impermanence of all things as well as oneself.

The One-Year Big Mind Zen Program is designed for those who would like to go deeper into Zen practice and feel a one-year commitment to their practice will be valuable, enjoyable and timely for them.

The 2022-2023 Program begins with a 3-Day Zoom Video Conference September 9-11, 2022,  and includes two more 3-Day workshops on Zoom, monthly Sunday talks on Zoom, and a 7-Day sesshin open to participation either in person in Torrey, Utah, or on Zoom (details to be announced).  (See the Program Schedule for details.)  Recordings of each retreat will be made available to you afterward.

Regular Weekly Zoom meetings with Genpo Roshi's successor teachers, supplementing Roshi’s teaching and offering opportunities for further interaction and personal contact for those who wish it.  Additionally, Genpo Roshi and the Kanzeon teachers will be available for individual Zoom meetings upon request. 

As an adjunct to the One-Year Program, you are also invited to work one-on-one with Charlotte Jigen Juul, a psychotherapist and Zen priest, on personal issues which may be hindering or blocking your practice.  Information about Charlotte’s particular areas of expertise and interest, her professional background, services and fees can be found here.


Recognizing that participants will have other commitments and obligations, Roshi is offering all the year’s events on zoom, and recommends sitting on your own 20 to 30 minutes daily, or as much as your schedule permits, and participating in as many of the events and opportunities offered over the course of the year as you can.

Topics to be covered with Genpo Roshi will include:

The Six Paramitas:


The Five Poisons:

Attachment, clinging
Hatred, resentment, fear, aversion
Envy and jealousy

Topics covered with Genpo Roshi in 2021-2022:

Eight Facets of Faith in Buddhism:

Misconception of the “self” (ego or “I”)
Eternal Life / Unborn / Undying
Karma / Law of Causation
Existence of All Buddhas
Mutual Attraction between Buddhas and Sentient Beings
Not Two but One
Road to Buddhahood

Theory and Practice of Zazen:

Five Varieties of Zen
Three Aims of Zen
Individual Instruction (Dokusan / Daisan)
Shikantaza (Just Sitting)
Cause and Effect Are One
The Three Essentials of Zen Practice
Koans and how to realize, actualize and express them in a simple and yet profound way. 


Eight Beliefs in Buddhism by Hakuun Yasutani Roshi click here for pdf  
The Three Pillars of Zen by Phillip Kapleau — Chapters 1, 4, 6, and 8.

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