Signup Now for Mahayana: Year 3 of the Four Yana Program Starting Fall 2022

  • 1 Sep 2022
  • 31 Aug 2023
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  • You must be an Active Student member to join this program.


The Four-Year Four Yana Program was designed by Genpo Roshi to serve the needs of those who aspire to be Zen Teachers by offering intensive year-long study and experience of the full spectrum of Buddhist teachings, centered around the four yanas, or vehicles, of Buddhism: Hinayana, Buddhayana, Mahayana and Vajrayana.  An overview of the entire program can be found here.

The upcoming Program Year 3, "Mahayana," begins in October 2022.  Participation is limited to those invited by Genpo Roshi and committed to completing the full four years, beginning in the Fall of 2020.  Those who have not completed the first two years may, in rare cases, be permitted to join this year’s Program.

Events and Resources:

  • Three 5-Day Retreats with Genpo Roshi (via Zoom)
  • One 7-Day Retreat with Genpo Roshi (via Zoom and In-Person)
  • Four Yana Small Group Meetings
  • Four Yana Group Sunday Talks
  • Kanzeon Sangha Member Sunday Talks
  • Personal contact with Genpo Roshi and Kanzeon Teachers
  • Access to all Kanzeon Big Mind Member Sunday Talks
  • Exclusive access to all video recordings of Four Yana Events
  • Total Access to the entire Big Mind Zen Media Archive

Participation Requirements:

Besides a strong commitment to your personal practice, participants must be Active Student / Friends of Roshi members in good standing. (See membership information here.)

The tuition for this program is $7500 per program year. This covers costs for all scheduled events and resources listed above.  Tuition is to be paid prior to the start of the program year or by payment plan arranged with Bruce Lambson. Contact him here.

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