Impermanence: Living with Loss

If you’ve ever felt life is one loss after another, you are not alone. 

Shakyamuni Buddha’s profound awareness of impermanence as a cause of suffering springs from the same experience. 

Genpo Roshi has often spoken of Zen as a practice of coming to terms, making peace with loss, and beyond that of realizing that with every loss, even the unthinkable losses we most fear, there is a liberation. 

Loss and liberation: Join Genpo Roshi in the adventure of embracing impermanence — and your own life. 

Friday, December 3 Sunday December 5, 2021

This event is open to all.     Registration & information click here

"Impermanence and the transient nature of life are usually seen as negative, something to be feared and resisted; but it is precisely because everything is being born and dying continuously that you are already liberated. Even if you would like to be attached and stuck, you cannot. Even if you try to cling to the way things are and to what you possess, you cannot do so. Isn’t this wonderful?"

— Genpo Roshi 

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